What is a Biker Ring?

Simply put, a Biker Ring is a type of ring that you typically see someone riding a motorcycle wear. Different types of Bikers, or motorcycle riders, prefer to wear different styles of riding gear and different styles of jewelry. Some popular TV shows like Sons of Anarchy have depicted the traditional biker to wear various sorts of biker rings.

Do you like to wear Biker Rings?

Good, you are in the right place to find some very cool, and unique biker rings.




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What is a Biker?

What exactly is the definition of the real biker?  ”A biker is a motorcyclist, especially one who is a member of a motorcycle gang or club.” – ask any biker.

Some will say a biker is anyone who has the passion and desire to ride, and loves the feeling of the open road.  Some will disagree – claiming that you have to ride for a cause, own a certain brand of bike, dress a certain way or use different gear. These are all opinions of those who have a lot of opinions. I have my own and they are usually the right ones. :)

In my travels and rides across the US I’ve met both. Quite frankly –  the ones who consider themselves the “real” or “hardcore” bikers are usual the weekend warriors. It can be difficult to tell the difference (if there really is one), you usually just know it when you see it.



Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rings





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Harley Davidson Wedding Rings



Skull Rings



Skull rings

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Sons of Anarchy Rings



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I bought my bike to ride and ride it is what I plan to do until the day that I cannot ride anymore.  The “real” bikers can think what they want – and they will.  Between you and me, if you are on two wheels (or three) you can ride with me.

Ride Safe,

Karl Steinmeyer

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