Biker Rings

What is a Biker Ring?

Simply put, a Biker Ring is a type of ring that you typically see someone riding a motorcycle wear. Different types of Bikers, or motorcycle riders, prefer to wear different styles of riding gear and different styles of jewelry. Some popular TV shows like Sons of Anarchy have depicted the traditional biker to wear various sorts of biker rings.

Do you like to wear Biker Rings?

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What is a Biker?

What exactly is the definition of the real biker?  “A biker is a motorcyclist, especially one who is a member of a motorcycle gang or club.” – ask any biker.

Some will say a biker is anyone who has the passion and desire to ride, and loves the feeling of the open road.  Some will disagree – claiming that you have to ride for a cause, own a certain brand of bike, dress a certain way or use different gear. These are all opinions of those who have a lot of opinions. I have my own and they are usually the right ones. :)

In my travels and rides across the US I’ve met both. Quite frankly –  the ones who consider themselves the “real” or “hardcore” bikers are usual the weekend warriors. It can be difficult to tell the difference (if there really is one), you usually just know it when you see it.


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These rings are mostly worn by riders who ride Harley Davidson motorcycles and normally have the name ‘Harley Davidson’ or the initials ‘HD’. A good Harley Davidson bike is probably on top of many riders wish list. As a result of this, riders who own one are very proud with the type of bike they ride and don’t mind displaying this anywhere when given the chance. Not only do their rings have the bike name but also most of their clothing and other accessories. Some of the favorite rings with these bikers are:

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The titanium Harley Davidson ring. Titanium is increasingly becoming most people’s proffered material of choice in jewellery. This can be mostly attributed to the quality of this metal. It is one of the most durable metals and hardly changes appearance. This ring is made from titanium with 92% purity hence making it a favorite for many Harley bikers.
The sterling silver ring. With the logo neatly placed on the center of the part of this ring riders are able to display their love for the b rand easily and hence making it a favorite. This ring is also quite simple and can be worn even for formal occasions.

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Skull Rings

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These rings are not only popular with bikers but also young people who want to adopt a rebellious look. They come in very many different designs and you can even have one custom made for you if you prefer a specific looking skull. The skull is always a must have for many bikers not only on the rings but also in their clothing and images on their bikes. Not many people know where this fascination about skulls came from or what it means.

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However, it has been greatly used in different sectors in our lives to mean different things e.g. in most places the skull with two crossed bones is used to mean danger. Perhaps for many riders it is their fascination about death or mortality that might have fueled their love for the skull. The rider skull rings come in different shapes and designs which are mostly in 3D but two of the highest selling is the stainless steel ring and the polished stainless steel ring. Unlike other types of biker rings which many riders would be comfortable with one, the skull lovers prefer wearing one in almost all the fingers of their hands.


Sons of Anarchy Rings

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Since the premier of this popular TV series in 2008 it has brought a lot of difference in tastes among riders. This TV series is about the life and times of a fictional motorcycle club in a fictional town. This group of riders is what can be described by many as true riders due to their loyalty to the club and their passion for the bikes. These qualities have received a lot of admiration riders especially the young ones and as a result merchandise worn by members of the “Sons of Anarchy” has become a must have.

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Rings bearing the name of the show and those of popular characters are always on high demand. However some of the more common ones are:

The grim reaper ring which is among the most favorites judging from the sales made online. The stainless steel spinner with the name “Sons of Anarchy” inscribed on it. This beautiful piece of jewellery is very popular with riders that want to emulate the life of this idolized TV characters.


To be a Biker

I bought my bike to ride and ride it is what I plan to do until the day that I cannot ride anymore.  The “real” bikers can think what they want – and they will.  Between you and me, if you are on two wheels (or three) you can ride with me.

Ride Safe!