Top 6 Topless Biker Women

motorcycle tank zipped open shirt for biker women

Bikers area fun bunch of characters to hang with. Some are loud, some are obnoxious. One common thread for sure in all motorcycle riders is that they like to have fun. And this doesn’t have to be riding a bike. Just sitting and watching hundreds of bikes go by can be a lot of fun. I’ve found myself doing this several times a year at big rally’s like Michigan’s Blessing of the Bikes and the Harley’s Sandy Corely run.

Some women bikers can certainly one-up us guys though. Not a lot of heads turn when a guy is riding his bike without a shirt on. But when a women is riding down the road without a shirt on – one cannot help but drop his jawbone and stare. I present to you;

Top 6 Topless Biker Women


These biker women inspire some interesting motorcycle designs also. One custom painted tank that I cam across has clearly been inspired by mans love for the female body parts. If I ever build a bike from scratch, or custom paint a chopper – I will have a hard time not painting it like this one :)

motorcycle tank zipped open shirt

Whether is it customizing your chopper or just up-ing your style, the biker lifestyle can defiantly put an awesome creative twist on just about anything.


To the Topless Biker chicks,

Karl Steinmeyer

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