Biker Bandana

Biker Style Bandanas

For a very long time, bikers around the world have been identifiable by their bandanas, it is one of the key pieces of biker gear. Beyond its style, the massive adoption of this fashion accessory is explained by many reasons, for bikers, it is much more than an accessory, it is extremely useful ! Let me show you why you should get a biker bandana now :

The practicality

First of all, the biker bandana was worn by bikers for practical reasons and not for style. Indeed, wearing a motorcycle helmet with hair products is very unpleasant and carries a consequent risk of damaging the helmet. Whether it’s gel, hairspray or wax, if you wear it and ride a motorcycle, you should definitely wear a bandana. Plus, it will keep your hair intact and prevent you from getting the silly haircut when the helmet is removed. It also protects the helmet liner from sweaty hair, which is not to be taken lightly! The biker bandana is great because it takes up very little space, so it can be stored very easily on any bike. Moreover, it protects your head from sunburn and other heat-related problems.

The aesthetic

Beyond the practical side, the bandana has indeed an aesthetic side that justifies its use by the general public. It can be considered as a sign of belonging to a group or simply as a sign of belonging to the biker community. Be careful though, you don’t want to be affiliated with just any biker group. Some are very dangerous and have a very bad reputation with the police. Don’t choose just any bandana!

bandana on bikers

How to choose a bandana?

Choosing a biker bandana is very simple, first of all, you must like the bandana, otherwise there is no point in buying it. Choose one light enough for the summer and thicker for the winter. Next: the color.

The color is very important to have style. Your bandana should be inspired by the colors of your motorcycle or biker jacket. A bandana that’s too different in color from the rest of your outfit is likely to stand out a lot (if not a little too much). Here’s a guide to matching colors if you’re not sure what to wear

How to wear a bandana?

You can’t just buy a bandana and put it on any which way to be a biker, here’s a quick guide on how to put on a bandana:

  • Fold the bandana in half to make a triangle.
  • Place the triangle over your face so that it covers from ear to ear.
  • Tie both ends firmly to the back of your head.
  • Bring the top layer to the back of your head and pull it through the knot.
  • Wrap the end over your forehead and hide it under the bandana.
  • You’re ready to ride!

If you don’t understand, don’t worry, I’ll link to a video that explains everything here!


A bandana represents the identity, values and the philosophy of its owner. It is a product that must be respected at all times because it is your image.

I’ll trust you with this !

You will have understood, if you are a biker, you must have a bandana!

If you like a particular style of bandana and we don’t have it in stock, you can contact us about it and we will do our best to make one especially for you. We are very flexible and our motto is customer satisfaction! So do not hesitate!

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