Biker Clothing

Clothes for Bikers

For a few years now, major brands have been inspired by the biker look to have better reach on people. Our culture has had a real impact on the fashion ecosystem. For us, our clothes are not just for style. It’s about protecting us while we ride. To make your charismatic style statement in style, there are a few pieces of clothing you need to have:

Biker Leather Jacket

The bike leather jacket is the emblematic garment of our culture, in addition to providing you with style and improved self-confidence, the leather biker jacket allows you to protect yourself in case of a fall. Without it, you risk serious accidents every time you get on the bike.

Of course, wearing leather is not cheap, which is why at Badass Biker Rings, we put all our efforts into producing the best quality jackets that we can while keeping the prices affordable. That’s the brand’s motto !


Biker Denim Jacket

Staying on the topic of biker jackets, we also have denim biker jackets. These jackets are much less protective in case of a fall but that’s not the real goal. They are more useful to be worn outside of riding time to continue to affirm your membership in this very strong biker community.

These jackets are worn with style and class, they command respect and show at first glance your membership in the community !

skull denim jacket by crewskull

Biker Shirts for men

At Badass Biker rings, we don’t produce T-Shirts, but we can recommend some great T-Shirts made by other stores like CrewSkull or Biker Shop! We will take care to test and select all the products we offer in order to provide you with the best quality clothing possible. Your satisfaction is our priority, we will never recommend products that we are not personally satisfied with.

Biker Clothing for women

All our products are for men and women, don’t worry ladies! They can be worn by a woman as well as a man. To be honest, I’m sure women wear them better. I hope you will enjoy our little collection of products and find what you are looking for in the products listed.

If you have an idea for a product you would like to see listed, please contact us via the site to let us know. We will do our best to satisfy our customers !

The importance of clothes for a biker

Clothes are very important for a biker if you want to be respected by the others. Wearing our clothes means that you are part of the culture. Otherwise, you might be considered as a tourist who likes motorcycles, but never as a biker. Wearing biker clothes also shows what kind of person you are in everyday life. Through your clothes, you show your values, your philosophy of life and your passion.

Don’t neglect them, biker clothes are extremely important to represent and respect our community.

A biker must be fashion

BBR Recommendations :

To gain respect as a biker, we recommend that you first buy your leather jacket. This is the most important piece of clothing that every biker must have, choose it well, because you will keep it for a long time. Next, I recommend that you buy a bandana. In case you need to hide your face. Finally, boots are also extremely important if you don’t want to lose a foot while riding.

Get your biker clothing now !

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