High mileage leather gear

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  • Name : High Mileage Leather Gear
  • Size : S – XXXL
  • Color : Brown / Black
  • Material : Leather Jacket 
  • Style : Biker / Vented
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High mileage leather gear for women and men

If you’re looking for a way to keep your leather gear looking new, despite the brown high mileage it’s seen, then using engine oils may be the answer. Automotive engine oils are designed to protect against wear and tear, and they can do the same for your leather goods. Just be sure to choose an oil that is compatible with leather, and apply it sparingly to avoid over-oiling. If you are a motorcycle rider who wants to keep your gear in good condition, using engine oil is a great way to do so. In addition to engine oil, you can also use transmission fluid to help keep your gear clean and protected from the elements. High mileage leather gear can benefit from both of these products, as they will help to keep the leather soft and supple.

Transmission fluid can help to lubricate the gears and keep them from sticking. Diesel engines are particularly high mileage engines, and so using a transmission fluid can be especially beneficial. If you notice any leaks, it is best to get them fixed as soon as possible.


The Pros and Cons of High Mileage Leather Gear

It is your decision whether to use high mileage leather gear or not. Some people may say that it is worth the investment, while others may disagree. Ultimately, you will have to make the decision based on your own needs and preferences. Keep in mind that high mileage leather gear can be quite distressed, so you may want to consider using a conditioner or protector before putting it to use. If you do, just be sure to take proper care of it!


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XXL 77cm | 30.3 pouces 138cm | 54.2 pouces 54cm |21.2 68cm | 26.7 pouces
3XL 78cm | 30.7 pouces 142cm | 55.8 pouces 56cm | 22.0 pouces 69cm | 27.1 pouces



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