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Badass Biker Rings is a biker brand which select the best products on the market that is running since 2013. BBR will follow you on all American roads with a bulletproof fidelity.
Browse now on BBR and discover our range of badass biker products for all bikers and road lovers. You can check our magazine for new articles.


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What is a Biker?

What exactly is the definition of the real biker?  “A biker is a motorcyclist, especially one who is a member of a motorcycle gang or club.” – ask any biker.

Some will say a biker is anyone who has the passion and desire to ride, and loves the feeling of the open road.  Some will disagree – claiming that you have to ride for a cause, own a certain brand of bike, dress a certain way or use different gear. These are all opinions of those who have a lot of opinions. I have my own and they are usually the right ones. 

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In my travels and rides across the US I’ve met both. Quite frankly –  the ones who consider themselves the “real” or “hardcore” bikers are usual the weekend warriors. It can be difficult to tell the difference (if there really is one), you usually just know it when you see it.

Who are we ? What do we wear ? What jewelry ? What clothes ? You will learn everything here !