What is a biker ?

A biker must be fashion

For newcomers to the United States, the biker’s culture can be a bit scary, after 20 years of lies about us, it’s time to show the people who we really are.

Who are we, what is a biker ? How can you become one of us ? What does this culture mean? What are the values of a biker ? 

You’ll learn everything here, young biker, welcome to Badass Biker Rings. 

Here we talk about freedom and mechanics, we talk about our culture…

Long story short, we talk about bikers ! Our culture appeared around 1945. Being a true ideology of freedom and power, being a biker is a lifestyle. A biker is distinguished by its clothing style, its tattoos and of course its motorcycle. In this article we’ll talk about the origins of this movement.

If you want to learn about the way we dress, the jewelry we wear and our favorite bikes, you’re in the right place ! Feel free to explore the blog to learn about all those subjects. After reading our ultimate guide, nothing in the motorcycle world will be a secret to you. You’ll know exactly what a real biker is and how to become one. You will also learn to spot a tourist on a two-wheeled machine, how you can be a part of it, and all the history behind this rich culture.

Let’s start right now.

Who are the Bikers?

For most people, the word “biker” is closely associated with gangs of long-haired hooligans on loud motorcycles, rocking the roads with double barrels. IIf you’re believing this, you can leave this blog right now. This image was forged by the American cinema in the late 90’s and is completely false. Biker’s theme is very present in the culture of the United States. However, the actual image of this movement is much more complex than what Hollywood shows you.

a gang of biker

Let me explain myself :

1) Origin of the term “Biker

The word “biker” is derived from the word “bike”, which means “motorcycle”. This term has been used since after World War II. A biker is not to be confused with a “motorcyclist”, the guy who rides a motorcycle on Sunday. Being a biker is a real way of life.

2) The Beginnings of the Bike

The first motorcycles were built and patented by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1885. The new invention, being quite affordable for people, quickly gained popularity among the population. It was a new way of moving, while being affordable and fast. It clearly was the new thing that everyone wanted to try.

Men began riding motorcycles long before the emergence of the motorcycle subculture. The two-wheeler was marketed in the 1920s to the general public. The motorcycle became just as common a means of travel as the car. Quickly after WW2, the biker culture was born and became a real passion for all these groups.

one of the first bike ever created

3) Biker or Motorcyclist ?

If you call a real biker a “motorcyclist” or, he or she will take that as an insult, the difference between these words are really important. Unlike a motorcyclist who relies on his motorcycle as just another means of transportation, a true biker sees his partner of steel as more than just a vehicle. Being a biker is a philosophy of life that defines a man’s life, his values and his priorities. The biker’s culture has its own jewelries, Tatoos, and Clothes. If you want to learn more about a biker’s philosophy of life, I’ve written an article about it here. You should now know everything there is to know about the beginning of this movement.

 If you are curious and want to dig more about biker’s culture, take a look at our other articles !

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