Biker Necklace cross

54,00 $

  • Name : Biker Necklace
  • Size : 50cm / 60cm / 70cm
  • Color : Silver 
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Style : biker / gothic


How to match your biker necklace with your outfit 

This biker necklace has a nice cross shaped pendant with a skull or angel inlay in the center of the cross.   

This exceptional jewelry is an essential element for any good man and biker. Indeed, its gothic side adds a charismatic side to your outfit. it can be accompanied by regular jeans and a warm colored t-shirt to better bring out this silver effect of the biker necklace. Also the pendant goes very well with the silver stainless steel material.


Biker necklace for men useful for your everyday life  

Indeed in motorcycles this biker necklace allows you to recognize each other between biker, and allows men to associate with the same values. This silver biker necklace can also be a very good gift for a men or women biker.


Biker necklace simple and elegant for men

Indeed this jewelry is very discreet and elegant. It goes with all types of styles including regular jeans and can also be worn by women, with a pendant in the form of angel instead of the skull in the middle of the cross. It can also be worn as rings or bracelets by adjusting the size, indeed it is wide and its chains are very good quality. These stainless steel chains will last a lifetime and are excellent quality. According to our reviews our article is appreciated especially for the details of the products and the quality of the jewelry and chains.


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