Black Wallet Chain

47,00 $

  • Name : Black Wallet Chain
  • Size : 40 cm
  • Color : Black / Silver / Gold
  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Style : Skull / Jewelry / Vintage / Natural

How to match your black wallet chain with your outfit 


The black wallet chain is dark metal with a 3 piece key ring to manage your keys and heavy stuff like office keys, car keys, bike keys and motorcycle keys. Protect your bag from theft with this security chain. A very strong armor chain with a lobster clasp on one end and a lobster clasp on the other end of your belt to secure both your wallet and your keys. Available in several colors such as black or silver, this stainless steel chain is very practical and used for travel and nottamens by truckers and bikers to keep their wallets safe and in style. It is absolutely not heavy and very comfortable to wear on the belt.

This chain is of real quality, according to our crash test it ensures a real solidity. Discreet, this chain of 2 inches per mesh allows you to remain elegant in all circumstances. Do not hesitate and jump on the offer of the store in this period of sales.


Black wallet chain useful for your everyday life


This black wallet chain in dark metal is very sturdy and can be hung on the belt loop to attach important items you don’t want to lose. Easy to use, secure to attach. When opening the door, there is no need to remove the chain from the belt buckle. Fashion jewelry decoration is ideal for vintage men, rockers, hikers, hip-hop singers, etc. Premium cowhide leather, NO SURPRISES, NO DISAPPOINTMENTS, handcrafted by the finest artisans, Made In USA, comes with a long heavy stainless steel chain. This chain is also customizable, you can actually add decorative elements such as black skulls or rings that you can integrate directly and easily, but it also allows you to hang your house keys directly on the chain. No more forgotten keys at home with this key chain, you can put a skull directly into the stainless steel wallet chains for added style.


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