Bracelet Combos

44,00 $

  • Name : Combos Bracelet
  • Size : 18cm
  • Color : brown / red / yellow / blue / turquoise / gold 
  • Material: Natural Lava Stone
  • Style: Perfect for Couples

How to match your combos bracelet to your outfit 


This pretty bracelet is perfect for your outings in the evening or other, indeed the lava stones are very good quality and are exceptionally pretty. Indeed the bracelets are perfect to match a chill outfit or outing. They go well with a leather sweater, regular jeans and a small stainless steel wallet chain hanging on the jeans. The jewelry are simple elements but that makes the difference in an outfit.


Bracelets combos simple and elegant for men


This beautiful bracelet combo goes very well with men or women. It adapts well to all types of fabrics and leather. The natural lava stone changes color depending on the temperature of the stone recovery, there are several colors like yellow, blue, red. The combo bracelet is adjustable with the double bracelet. This combo bracelet can be a very nice gift to prove your love for your partner. Its stainless steel effect adds a robust effect to these jewelry bracelets.


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