Fantastic Weed Rings

35,00 $

  • Name : Weed Rings
  • Size : 7-14
  • Color : Gold / Silver 
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Style : Cannabis / Marijuana / Weed




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How to match your weed rings with your outfit 


This fantastic weed ring is a perfect jewelry of very good quality with a symbol of weed surrounded by diamond to highlight this beautiful product. This ring is very helpful to recognize each other between smokers and create a link between the community of weed consumers.


How the Weed rings are useful for your everyday life


This weed ring is very nice to wear, it can be used as a beer opener (if you have the technique of course), made of stainless steel it is very robust and is a very good quality product. The engravings are made in black, the marijuana patterns are in yellow. It can also be a very good gift for men or women who smoke marijuana.


Weed rings are simple and elegant for men and women


The weed rings can be worn either in a simple way with little jewelry on the fingers and do not look overloaded but very classy, otherwise it can also be worn very well with several other rings on the fingers and create a bling style with yellow and black clothes with touches of green to recall the green of weed. The clothes with flower patterns are perfect to match your outfit.

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