Black Damascus Ring

28,00 $

  • Name : Black Damascus Ring
  • Size : 5 – 15
  • Color : black
  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Style : wedding / men

How to match your black damascus ring with your outfit 


This black damascus ring with white band, is discreet and very pretty indeed this damascus ring is made of tungsten carbide with a wood design, its price is very attractive and perfect for mens. Currently available on our shop the wood effect of the ring in black accentuates this effect of purity of the ring and is perfect for men with its sober and unique design with a hammered effect.


Black damascus ring simple and elegant for men


This product has a very original and sober design it goes very well with stainless steel jewelry that can be worn on both hands. It is mostly worn on the right hand. With an affordable price this black damascus ring ensures you a quality more than robust in fact according to our crash test, our rings have obtained a score of 8 stars on 10 on the robustness, tested in extreme situations. Its strength is equivalent to stainless steel and has a visual quality similar to silver. This ring is also great to wear with a wedding ring and looks great with a black suit. 


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