Stainless Steel Wallet Chains

29,00 $

  • Name : Stainless Steel Wallet Chains For Men
  • Size : 32 inches
  • Color : Silver
  • Saterial : Stainless Steel

Style : Biker / Punk


How to match your stainless steel wallet chains with your outfit 


This jewelry is silver wallet chain is made from stainless steel. This chain allows you to carry your wallet in a totally secure and practical way for its user. Indeed, it is suitable for all types of materials even woolen pants are suitable for the use of this chain.


Stainless steel wallet chains for men useful for your everyday life


This chain is also customizable, you can indeed add decorative elements such as black skulls or rings that you can embed directly and easily, but it also allows you to hang your house keys directly on the chain. No more forgotten keys at home with this key chain, you can put a skull directly into the  stainless steel wallet chains for more style.


Stainless steel wallet chains simple and elegant for men


There are indeed several colors like black or silver, this stainless steel chain is very practical and used for travel and nottamens by the trucker and biker, to keep their wallet safe and with style. It is absolutely not heavy and very nice to wear to the belt.

This chain is a real quality, according to our crash test it ensures a real solidity. Discreet, this chain of 2 inches per mesh allows you to remain elegant in all circumstances. Do not hesitate and jump on the offer on the shop during this period of sale.


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