Skull cross ring

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  • Nom : skull cross ring
  • Taille : 7-13
  • Couleur : Silver / Stainless Steel
  • Matiere : Stainless Steel
  • Style : skull / fashion
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Skull cross ring

This ring is made of plated brass with a cubic zirconia center. It’s the perfect accessory for adding a little edge to your look. Accordingly to many cultures, the skull is a symbol of death and mortality. In some cases it is also seen as a symbol of rebirth or regeneration, because the skull is often seen as the seat of the soul. The cross is also a very potent symbol with a long history. It has been used as a religious icon for centuries, and its meaning varies depending on context and culture. In general, though, the cross represents sacrifice, suffering and redemption. So what does this ring mean?

Well, that depends on how you interpret it. Is it simply an edgy fashion statement? Or does it represent something more profound to you? Either way, it’s sure to start some interesting conversations! In addition to being a conversation starter, this ring also has some great features.


Sterling Silver Skull Ring with Black Cubic Zirconia Stones


It’s made of sterling silver, and the skull is set with black cubic zirconia stones. The ring is size 7, but it can be resized if necessary. It’s also available in other sizes. The ring is plated with rhodium, which gives it a beautiful shine. This is a ring that’s going to turn heads. The centerpiece of the ring is a large, white pearl. This isn’t your average pearl, though.

It’s actually made from porcelain, and it has been designed to look like a human skull. The eyes of the skull are two small black pearls, and there are also some smaller white pearls on the sides of the head.

The whole effect is very striking, and it’s sure to get people talking.


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