Custom 4 Finger Ring

37,00 $

  • Name: Custom 4 Finger Ring For Men
  • Size : 50mm (normal size)
  • Color: black / gold
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Style : Wedding / Party

How to match your custom 4 finger ring with your outfit 

This jewelry is perfect for all situations and can be original for some events like weddings, or simply in everyday life. It is suitable for both men and women. It can be a very nice gift to offer in case of a wedding or party.

How yout custom 4 finger ring useful for your everyday life

This 4 finger ring can also save you very well for some outfits, during different events like weddings or parties, this jewelry is perfect for customization you can wear it in different ways.

Custom 4 finger ring is simple and elegant for men


This custom 4 finger ring can be worn by both men and women and comes in different colors like black, silver and yellow. The chain is very discreet and not flashy. It can be worn with black pants and a white top to make this element stand out in his outfit. Its vintage look gives all its charm with black or yellow pants, which is very fashionable.

The custom 4 finger ring is now available on our shop so don’t hesitate and go for it

Our product has been rated more than 8 rings out of 10 in our product review.


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